Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Problems of the "Old"

The older I get, the more convinced I am, that the problems of aging, are simply the problems of living, and the failure to respond effectively to those challenges.  The accumulated failures, as well as successes, is what ages people.  If we really solve the problems of our living, then there is no aging -- but if we fail to solve them, then failure is our result.  That is why most people's exercises are not effective against aging and deterioration; their exercises are not effective -- and not that exercise per se, fails to prevent against that deterioration.  One can discover, or create exercises, that do in fact address those problems of aging -- particularly notable at the extremities/organs of the head, hands and feet.

If those organs don't age, the body doesn't age.  And the way to do that, is to optimize the circulation to the extremities, as the highest priority -- and everything else is incidental and supportive.  A few people notice that difference -- but those are the people that matter.  The rest are the typical "victims" of life -- feeling no control over their own lives.  Nothing ever seems to work out for them.  

They are the problems of one's individual past -- coming home to haunt them.

So that is what one's life is for -- to solve all these problems and challenges -- as they happen in one's life.  But most people never solve these problems but instead deny that there is a problem -- and then eventually, they overwhelm them.  Instead of solving these problems, they ask or demand that other people solve them for them -- and think then, that it is done -- especially the problems of human relationships and communications.

Among the old people, there is a tremendous problem of loneliness that underlie many of their difficulties -- that they do not confront while they are young, and so it becomes an immense problem for them as they age -- which is the maturing of that problem.  They don't know how to make friends -- really, or just be friendly with people.  Instead, they become demanding -- relying on guilt and manipulation (deception) to get their way -- until the only people left, are those who know what they are all about, and have seen their act and so they are powerless against.  Many just shut themselves off from life -- by never venturing out again.  Instead, they live among the things they hoard -- until one day they are buried by it.  These are not the problems of age, as they are of adjustment -- and that is how we live our lives.

So it is a problem of self-management, or a lack thereof, that they've failed to develop sometime in their lives -- because they never confronted any of their problems, and what they have to do to make them better.

They think only the government, or somebody else, can make them better -- and not that they can, or should, do these things for themselves -- including their health.  That is the essential great challenge of these times.  Is health what each individual controls, or is that what government does?  How one answers that question, determines the course of the rest of their lives.

Few believe that is possible.  So one doesn't have to make up these problems like whether we should genetically enhance food (life) -- and all these other small causes that miss the big picture, which is life on the individual level of responsibility and how we actually live (manifest) it.  Many of these old folks are suckers for these movements -- thinking that is what will keep them alive -- but those concerns are meaningless unless they actualize the current possibilities -- of already living the fullest and healthiest life already possible.

Otherwise, it is just another meaningless demand for "More," without any idea of what they will do with it -- just as they have always lived their lives.  And that is their problem.


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