Thursday, July 04, 2013

The Meaning of Independence

When independence really pays off is at the end of life -- and the way one gets there.  Those increasingly dependent on others to do everything for them, will lack the skills to independently care for themselves, and maintain their independent living.  That is already the beginning of the crisis of these times -- when increasingly many, are so debilitated by the choices they have made to give up their self-sufficiency and self-reliance, they are dependent on a whole team of caregivers to keep them going in a vegetative state for as long as their health care insurance and taxpayers will continue to pay for it.

Many now already accept the "free" power wheelchairs, which after a year of use, will cripple them so they cannot walk on their own anymore -- while they become more morbidly obese and helpless.  Already, such people are demanding that the doctors and medical system should make them well, and everyone around them, should "care" for them, but not that they should ever care for themselves, as the primary responsibility of every citizen -- and when all those efforts have been exhausted, then it is meaningful for others to help.

But there is not enough time, energy, money and other resources, when increasingly many, think it is everybody else's responsibility to ensure their health, happiness and prosperity -- while they just demand more -- from everyone else.  No society can work that way -- and endure, and will undoubtedly give way, to a stronger people and society who ensure their own survival -- and not just feel "entitled" to it.  That's what we have to observe and understand.

Life is a celebration of independence, which implies competence.  Death is increasing dependence until its pitiful end -- by choice, and not necessity.  Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, are choices we have to make, and work for ourselves to achieve -- and not that they will be given to us by others, or can be.


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