Thursday, May 02, 2013

Choosing Change

Contrary to what the mass media would have us believe, the outcome and quality of our lives has less to do with what we all must do and think, than it does the individual choices every person makes for themselves alone.  So we don't have to convince everybody else of the rightness of any action, before we ourselves choose to follow that path -- and accept those consequences, good or bad.  Life really is that simple -- if we allow it for ourselves.  Imposing that choice on everybody else, is unnecessary -- even if it were possible.

A healthy person would assume that it is the impulse and motivation of every individual to become better, healthier and happier -- but if one looks around at the problems many create for themselves, those are not the choices they make for themselves -- even thinking that the objective in life and society, is to make things worse, unhealthier, more miserable for everybody else -- in learning the wrong things -- and then determining, never to change again.

That is always the fatal mistake from which there is no reversal and recovery, because one has decided that instead of adapting and changing to the world, the world henceforth, must now adapt and change to them -- and in this way, many people get cut off from the flow of life, choosing as they have, to become isolated pools of their own existence, living in their own worlds of their memories, thoughts and fantasies of how things must be -- forevermore.

But life is not like that.  Life is change, people come and go, ideas rise and fall -- and if one can move with it, it is quite a ride, until choosing not to change anymore -- so then, all of life, passes one by.  That is the choice, and not that one has to choose to change.

That is the difference between thought and awareness -- the latter which is reading life directly, as it is happening, while the former is only an idea of what was happening at a particular time, which is obviously, not the present time or situation.  It may not even be a comparable situation -- but an entirely different matter altogether.  Thus, one declares that all apples and oranges are cherries, and devotes the rest of their lives to convincing everybody else of that fact -- and wondering why their efforts are not appreciated correctly.

That causes a lot of people to spend the rest of their days in bitterness and resentment -- never being properly appreciated, and rewarded -- and thus they feel owed, and entitled to whatever they can get.  That becomes their whole world of justice.  Nothing will rectify the feeling that everybody else lives their lives only for their own exclusive benefit -- so they should not have to do anything for themselves anymore, ever again -- including what is necessary to keep themselves healthy, happy and improving.

For such people, life seems hopeless -- and only getting worse.  Their own lives, and the mass media, tells them that is so.  "The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer," and not that individuals make better choices that make their lives better -- and that continues as long as they do.


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