Sunday, March 31, 2013

Making the Biggest Difference

Many contemplating "retirement," are scared out of their wits that they won't be able to secure competent and trustworthy "caregiving," when they get to that point in their lives -- without considering for a moment, that first thought should go to "doing it yourself," as one's best option.

That is to say, that first and foremost, before resorting to another's help -- one should make every attempt to improve their own efforts to "care" for themselves, and thus make themselves better -- in the many facets of that meaning.  The biggest difference, is that one has a vested interest in getting better -- and not getting worse, and therefore, more dependent on that "help" -- which then becomes a self-aggrandizing momentum of its own, resulting in utter and hopeless, irreversible dependency.

That is as much conditioning (learned adaptation), as absolute physical necessity.  The outcome depends on one's initial, as well as subsequent responses -- predisposing eventual outcomes.  Many on encountering an obstacle in their lives, will be discouraged and defeated, while a few will be determined to overcome those obstacles so that they do not become a handicap or disability -- but rather, their own unique adaptation, despite the general rule.  Many world champion athletes, actually come from that backdrop -- of needing to overcome their arthritis, polio, deformity, and disability -- to become the best in the world at that performance and activity -- because their whole life hinged on that inflection point.

They could accept defeat -- or find another way, even if they had to create/discover it themselves.  That's how the great discoveries of the world have been made -- as well as the great discoveries in every individual life.  It's not the discoveries scientists make for everyone -- without exception, but the discoveries every individual makes in the course of their own lives, that matters the most.  That is what makes the difference in every life -- the discoveries and decisions they make in their own lives.

The mass manipulators will say that is not so -- that one has no choice in the important matters of one's life -- but to go along with the masses, and do what everybody else is doing -- because there is no exception and choice in these matters.  It's almost as though Nature had designed that as a test -- to eliminate the weak and unconfident, for only those of immense and unshakeable confidence, could prevail in these challenges against convention, conformity and tradition -- so that there can be no exception.

That is how the status quo is continued -- even as much as it is problematical, and produces the well-known problems, that have never been successfully challenged and solved before.  Nobody has broken beyond -- to challenging and shaking the paradigm at its very roots and assumptions.

The best care cannot come from another -- because no other has a greater vested interest in that outcome.  It is one's own life -- and cannot be sacrificed for another, or expect that another will sacrifice theirs for one's own -- no matter what they say to convince one otherwise.  To do so, would be foolish, and one would not expect a fool to serve one better than one could themselves.  Like in every other case, one would employ themselves, to assure they are hiring the best, the most capable and honest -- and that would be themselves, if that were truly so.


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