Saturday, April 07, 2012

Government As the Solution and Not the Problem

A community volunteer library is a good example of privatizing government services based on real demand and the community's willingness to support it by providing the manpower. You just send the associate head librarian over to West Salem for technical/administrative know-how and let them recruit volunteers for all the functions -- from among the sizable retired, unemployed, employed, school children and others who would like a civic, non-partisan, non-political correctness involvement, which there is a hunger for.

We have a notable successful example of this at the Keizer Community library, where on any given day, there are as many volunteers as users. Because of the rapid evolution of information technology, which a library is really all about, everyone now is a librarian (archivist), as well as teacher -- and those former institutions of frontier America, should evolve into a much more comprehensive community center and information exchange -- rather than remaining the specialized institutions of the past.

That's what we're seeing as the great challenge of these times -- when money is directed to maintaining the institutions/architecture of the past, so that nothing is available to fund the temporary organizations to meet the challenges of the present -- as the labor unions (lobbyists) think government exists only for their members' exclusive benefits.

If we truly value those services and organizations, that's what people we place their time, energy and money into -- rather than having to be coerced from them to support a entitled few. When the newspaper editor and the school teacher might have been the only one's with an (high school) education, it was obviously because education wasn't valued highly, but now when most adults have a college education, the young can pick it up by osmosis and living in an information society -- so in fact, education (socialization and indoctrination) becomes unavoidable, and those who don't want to improve, are mostly the mentally ill.

These are the people will need to have special education/services for -- while taking advantage that the majority of the community are qualified to perform those duties and tasks -- if the labor unions (lobbyists) don't try to prevent most people from doing it -- because they want to.

This is how government becomes the solution rather than the problem. Heck, you can probably even have the mayor run it as the preeminent volunteer organization -- or at least chair the board. Government belongs to all the people -- and not just the self-serving government union workers and their lobbyists.


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