Saturday, March 10, 2012

Really, This is Too Much

If they were doing education right, then the cost of learning would be going to zero -- in the age of the information superhighway and information technologies.

If they're doing education wrong, then it would require more money for more teachers for less learning, and all learning would be illegal unless taught by a "certified" union teacher -- demanding more pay for doing even less., and the ideal class size would be one-to-one, at $100,000 per student -- guaranteed for the rest of their lives, with no possibility of termination.

Oh wait, that sounds suspiciously like what we have -- and no wonder they don't want any tests to see how well the students are actually learning anything. It is enough, that all the students learn, is that teachers should get more money -- for doing less than they're already doing. But that's alright: they are a nonprofit organization sacrificing themselves valiantly for everybody else's benefit.


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