Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The Problem of Education

The only way to make unlimited education free -- is not to pay the teachers and administrators -- but only have people who are the creators of that knowledge, teach it because they want to -- and not because it is a guaranteed lifetime salary and pension for the self-designated/anointed few.

The problem of government as people live longer with more lavish pensions and benefits, is that there's little money "left over," for actually doing those jobs that government (jobs) was created for -- but instead, we are now paying twice as much for those not doing the jobs -- while those doing the jobs are also demanding increasingly more. So the costs rise geometrically, while the gains, if there are any anymore, become an inconvenience and impediment to their lifetime entitlements to job security -- no matter how poorly they do their jobs, or if they attempt them anymore.

Many of the faculty are proud that they have given the same lecture from their doctoral dissertations without changing a single word or thought, for the last 30-50 years, as proof of how much they knew as students so that it was unnecessary for them to learn any more since. That is doubly true for the grade school teachers, who will have no part or patience with kindergarteners already knowing how to iPhone and iPad and learning on their own -- from anyone and everyone -- and not just the properly certified and accredited education (normal) schools, where they properly prepare (indoctrinate) their charges in the Holy Grail of Education -- that the teachers should get increasingly more, because they sacrificed themselves to improve the "education" of their students -- that teachers and education professionals should get infinitely more -- without end or measurement of effectiveness.

The only fly in the ointment, as that those coming out with Cadillac health plans, then get milked as cash cows themselves by the health care profession -- who in turn, are preyed on by trial lawyers for whatever they can get, who then become the politicians, who are endorsed by the teacher unions. So evermore money is required just to maintain the status quo -- and doing less for more, until finally, most of the education is done as it always has been before there were professional lifelong educators -- by people who want to learn, and educate themselves, and are helped by those who have actually discovered the truth of these matters -- instead of all these professional educators, who teach only what they were taught as the political correctness (jargon) of that discipline, without discovering any truth for themselves -- and not knowing the difference.

And those who can't teach, become professional journalists.


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