Saturday, March 31, 2012

The "Impossible" Job

The solution for high stress (burnout) jobs is high turnover -- so that we have a constant new supply of enthusiastic people, and not just people hanging on until retirement, and fearing to start somewhere else.

We really have a built in solution in unemployed/unemployable veterans the newspaper wrote about recently. The prisons, police and firemen are natural jobs for them to transition (decompress) into -- if we didn't have all those union rules and protocols restricting the labor pool -- to prop up salaries and benefits for those with the most seniority doing the easiest jobs. Instead of compensating these burnout people more highly to keep them at these jobs, they also need to be moving on and relieving the school teachers who are burnt out from controlling their "impossible" charges.

That really is the underlying problem of labor throughout this society -- the many people who remain in their jobs because of their seniority, rather than their enthusiasm and passion at what they do. And that kills every organization and society -- that loses sight of its reason for being. Government is for the people -- all the people, and not just the government workers. Education is about learning -- and not just lifetime job security for "teachers" who don't want to teach -- and only teach that bitterness, resentment and demand for even more for doing less.

That is what our society has become -- rather than one that works, because it realizes that is what they are there for -- getting paid a lot of money for doing, and not just lobbying for more, as though that was their only job. So we have to make it easier for people to get into and out of jobs -- rather than creating these needless barriers to entry and exit -- just to keep full employment at the human resource departments and the unions, and maintain the status quo of these problems.


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