Thursday, March 15, 2012

Closing the Far-flung, Unprofitable Rural Post Offices

The politicians need to let the very competent Post-Master General, do what he sees fit to run an efficient organization and operation -- without the undue influence of the unions.

They've devastated such fine states like Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, etc. In Bell, California, the government was providing no government services, but paying their "leaders" half a million dollars each. Stockton, California has to file bankruptcy because they can't afford to pay all their government workers pensions and benefits -- while having no money "left over" to deliver government services anymore.

Those rural towns are usually resourceful enough to run a post office out of the town grocery store (rather than a dedicated, stand alone post office), and like the article below, if a community values it enough, people volunteer to do it -- as mayors of most of many communities do also. Even libraries, schools, fire departments have run as volunteer operations -- before the unions took over and demanded that the citizenry could do nothing for themselves anymore.

But really, the movement back towards voluntary participation -- even providing essential services to/for themselves, is probably a movement whose time has come. Additionally, there have never been more retired people (often government workers), who collect fat pensions, and instead of double-dipping, could offer their expertise as a reasonable justification for getting lavish entitlements.

A huge part of the alienation and non-participation of the younger generations is because of their deliberate exclusion -- to provide job security only for those with seniority and guaranteed lifetime job security, and cannot even volunteer if they wanted to. Thus there is a prohibitio9n that people cannot do anything unless people pay them obscene amounts to do anything at all -- even if it is for their own benefit, which of course, is damaging for their health, prosperity and well-being -- even when they have Cadillac health plans ensuring all the medical attention they will surely need.


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