Saturday, January 07, 2012

Why Is There No Hope for Hawaii

You really need to get the unions out of government -- so that government once again belongs to all the people, and not just the union leaders serving themselves at the expense of all the people.

Otherwise, the government's only solution for all the problems that cripple the economy and society, is to give themselves higher wages, privileges and entitlements the rest of the citizenry don't have -- which is the reason for government and government workers -- and not just to ensure higher pay than everybody else -- because of their "sacrifices."

The way they talk about their sacrifices, you'd think they're working for free -- instead of twice the median for everybody else, and demanding that status for life -- after which Senator Dan promises, "After I die, you people can have it all, but until then, I should be your leader for life."

With that as an example of selfless public service, it is no wonder all the government workers have that same attitude of self-service -- while the people get nothing and increasingly are homeless.


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