Thursday, January 19, 2012

Government of the people, by the people, for the people

Every revolution in history was against a few government workers who thought they should have their jobs for life -- despite the fact that many had no ways of securing a livelihood at all.

Many wanted and expected George Washington to be president for life -- but he rightfully thought that 8 years was enough, and the country was better served if more different people got a chance to "serve." That was the original concept and strength of public service -- that as many people as wanted to, got a chance to be a part of government -- instead of establishing a permanent, exclusive bureaucratic/technocratic class who demand that they are entitled to their sinecures for life.

That's why people are no longer as excited and involved in government -- because it has become "professionalized" rather than being something everyone can be involved in so that they don't create these bureaucratic fiefdoms answerable only to themselves. That's how people lost their government, and the few careerists naturally demand that they should get more than everybody else -- permanently. And so many retire from government service with pensions higher than those who actually still do those jobs -- which shouldn't make sense, as though they were forced into those jobs and were working for free, or even less than the comparable median for all workers.

Surely that should disturb people rather than proclaiming themselves "liberal" and wanting more for everybody else too -- but that opportunity doesn't exist in any other enterprise where they can just demand more infinitely. The way to ensure fairness is to share or rotate these jobs among as many of the populace as possible -- in the noble tradition of the founding fathers, and to restore the American spirit of government belonging to all the people.


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