Monday, December 12, 2011

A Challenge for Everybody -- Throughout the Ages

The fact of the matter for the USPS demise, as most people can see and reason, is that the traditional mail delivery business is shrinking irreversibly -- and we can't keep maintaining (quasi-)governmental institutions at full employment, increased compensation, benefits and pensions forever -- when there are vastly better ways of fulfilling those needs, and providing those services at competitive market rates.

So while the USPS business is shrinking, the UPS and FedEx is growing -- because they only come by on actual demand, and not as a regular service -- which has its place, in the proposed downsizing of service to needs -- which could be as little as every other day, rather every day. Very few people get mail every day -- excluding the junk mail. In another time and age, people would fill the mailboxes with Christmas cards -- and now virtually nobody does it anymore.

And the reason they don't is not because they aren't in touch, but because they are more in regular constant communications with those who really matter -- instead of the annual Christmas card to everyone today's world would consider a "Friend." The newspapers, bookstores, centralized data processing centers, buggy whip manufacturers, schools all have these same challenges of dealing in a new age of technologies and capabilities that they have to rise to the challenge in meeting -- instead of insisting that the whole world has to rally and keep them at the top of a social/economic hierarchy that no longer can be justified.

That's the challenge of these times for everybody -- throughout the ages and times. That is the history of the world.


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