Monday, December 19, 2011

The War Against Every Other

Honest and truthful people come in every size, shape, color and occupation -- and are not only self-selected by those who choose to become "trained journalists."

This writer has chosen to generalize the shortcomings of one particular individual -- to smear and impugn everybody else not in her inner circle of socially-approved, politically-correct defenders of the powers that be, who always wish to remain exclusively so. It is a (not so) subtle institutionalization and socialization of the kind of deception and manipulation that is not as obvious as many people's (blogger's) clumsy and more obvious misuse and abuse of speech -- but actually much more dangerous and destructive to society, because it uses all the ploys of mass media techniques to convince us of what is not true -- as the truth -- that only journalists are truthful (are you listening Jayson Blair), while everybody else majoring in everything else in life, cannot be trusted to know and tell the truth.

This is the war that the self-certified "journalists" have declared on everybody else to maintain their preeminence over every other occupation and inclination -- just as the teachers and the university professors declare daily that they should be paid ten times as much as everybody else guaranteed for the rest of their lives -- because of their "sacrifices" for everybody else all their lives, and comparing themselves not to the median as their peers, but to the top 1% -- as their perceived fair share.

Yes, the manipulation and propaganda running daily through these journals of "political correctness" of what we should all believe, is that obvious and ham-handed. So rather than smearing and slurring every other camp as the "unanointed," every person has a responsibility to be truthful and as unmanipulative as they can be.


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