Thursday, November 10, 2011

APEC: Occupy Honolulu

What the protesters from the Mainland could not do, the government of Hawaii (Honolulu), has done for them -- effectively shut down the whole island -- in scenes reminiscent of 9/11, when Waikiki became a ghost town, even abandoning the beaches. It was promised that APEC would bring more business to the businesses of Honolulu -- and not that the roads to everywhere, would be closed and barricades piled high -- to prevent the people from having any contact with the nobles from elsewhere, who for their part, would be spared the sight of the unseeming and unsightly.

What would the world think, if they saw people living on the sidewalks -- instead of the fabled resorts of Paradise that might entice them to buy at least a timeshare of The Rock? That would be a bad business indeed.

So imagine how much worse it gets when the streets are torn up indeterminately and arbitrarily to build The Rail the length of the urban core? But by then, most of the businesses will have given up -- and only the retired and wealthy will remain, along with the campers expressing their First Amendment rights to occupy the sidewalks.

Honolulu is a good place to occupy the parks -- and disrupt business as usual.
No ka oe.


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