Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Raise the GET Tax!"

While it is a nice thought that raising the GET tax so that there would be more funds available "for the kupuna, for the keiki, and for the homeless," the fact of the matter is that any tax increases goes largely, if not exclusively anymore, to provide for government worker pay raises, benefits, and pensions, "leaving no money left over" for the general welfare of the citizenry, and particularly those most vulnerable citizens.

That's why the schools are always "getting" worse, the seniors have no future programs, and the homeless have no place to live -- while not coincidentally, the government pay to themselves, keep rising faster than the rest of the economy/society.

Why do you think the homeless are camping all over the sidewalks and there are "no resources and training," to actually do the work those jobs were created for?

They're all down at the Legislature lobbying for more. That's what the GET tax means to them. They GET.


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