Saturday, December 04, 2010

The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

The problem with lawyers is that they think that anything they want you to believe, is the the "truth," and so produce testimony that "proves" only what they want you to believe is that truth.

But the reality of the matter is that Hawaii's greatest problem is its skyrocketing cost of living that makes it prohibitive to live there -- so that rather than people flocking there to live, people will choose to live elsewhere -- and the first to go will be the best and the brightest, who could choose to live anywhere.

Thus Hawaii becomes the latest casualty of the many Pacific islands that fail to produce viable self-sustaining societies like Nauru, Micronesia, New Guinea, Samoa, islands of the Philippines and Indonesia, etc., where the people have to migrate elsewhere to the next rock before it becomes unsustainable, and the pattern is repeated -- which is actually the reason for the founding of the Hawaiian Islands in the first place.

Hawaii has squandered every natural advantage it has had -- thinking it is all just free, and they can live on it until it dries up -- without replenishing its resources, rather than just consuming increasingly more.

The real progress would have been the first truly enlightened green society -- by harnessing the sunshine, air, water, as the world's premier (first) state of the art pedestrian/bike/health infrastructure, rather than the last to adopt 19th century technology, as though they were the first.

Most of the communities in Oregon seem to be making this leap towards walker/bicyclist/urban gardener innovations -- while realizing more of the mass transportation and mass (media) culture, is an era that has come and gone, which of course, the mass media and other institutions of the schools, universities, and self-aggrandizing trade unions (government workers), are loathe give up as the sole reason for being, and would rather everyone just continue to conform to their "political correctness," and status quo.

The only ones remaining then will be the trade professionals who get to clean up at life's end -- when the predators become the prey.

But that is so 19th century mentality -- and not a leap into the future of greater viability for most, and not just the politically correct favored few.


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