Monday, February 02, 2009

He Got It Right!!!

The embarrassing touting and overhyping of Obama’s meager list of accomplishments and achievements now extend to the Honolulu newspapers boldly going where no one has gone before -- in proclaiming that their messiah got it right in calling the Super Bowl winner.

So he must have known before what he knew after -- that the prohibitive favorite would squeak out a win -- and so his streak for public pronouncements reported by their dutiful reporters of the Honolulu dailies, remains perfect -- coming from Hawaii.

The Honolulu dailies certainly needed a “win” badly -- after touting local boy BJ Penn so that their readers thought he was truly invincible, only to watch a few minutes later in horror and disbelief as their next obamination was destroyed -- and along with it, all the testimonials and tributes manufactured ahead for sale after the predicted victory.

One would wish that the Honolulu dailies wouldn’t think that just because they can manage the outcome of local elections, when they move onto the bigger stages, everything they say and convince the people of Hawaii is true, is in fact true and reality -- that gets exploded before their lying eyes, ears and senses.

Those people at the newspapers have got to stop reading their own material -- and believing their own hype -- which is now “off the charts” -- to be anything they want it to be in the new age of media, which they now hope to hijack, now that their own boats are rapidly sinking.

In fact, they’ve noticed to their dismay how effective the bloggers have become and eaten the best part of their lunches that they now hope to promote “twitter” as a means of securing their own advantage once again -- by limiting everyone else’s ability to compose more than a “sound bite," and in this manner, prohibiting the possibility and need for developing a sustained thought and idea of any greater length, depth and capacity.

Of course the best of the writers can say what they want to say in a few words -- or many, depending on the length appropriate for their task -- but many used to the old manner of thinking, are still selling words by the gross, and think the number of words conveys the meaning and message.

Thus in old style writing/journalism, the ability to expand a short piece about nothing, is greatly admired and rewarded, and the highest art, is to convince the public, that what is untrue and inconsequential, is of great importance, substance and significance, while denying that there can be a “big picture” perspective at all.