Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Change is Good

Actually, whether one thinks it is good or bad, it is inevitable -- as long as one lives, and the responsiveness to those changes, determines one’s quality of life -- and also its quantity, but the quantity, doesn’t necessarily imply the quality. That is true of everything -- that the quality implies the quantity, but quantity is no indication of quality.

Quality is what
makes a difference -- while quantity are differences that don’t make a difference, other than more or less, which is meaningless in a life dedicated to experiencing and knowing that difference, which is growth, evolution and fitness. For many people, such differences don’t matter, and that too is the way they are -- and what is important to them.

But for a few, the differences that make a difference -- is all they care about, and is the difference they look for, and therefore, bring about -- usually because they can, which their awareness is the first indication of. Many others are familiar with the “words” mimicking those who can tell such differences -- but usually, their impulse, is to ban, suppress and eliminate all those who can see those differences too easily -- and so they put themselves in charge of what everybody can ONLY see. Those are the
petty tyrants of every arena of life -- from the smallest households to the heads of state -- usually disproportionately found in the mass media and periphery -- all those who want to be, as their lifelong striving -- which was known in a previous time as the desire for fame, glory and fortune -- usually disproportionately undeserved to their true talent and destiny.

These are the interlopers of history, rather than its mainstays -- that encourage the dreams of the unworthy, while the truly worthy, go about the real business of creating positive changes in society that time and history rather than fleeting fame, self-promotion and opinion will know about.

That is the essential quality of fame -- that their unworthiness is soon and shortly discovered, and their objects abandoned as though they never existed, which is the worst of fates for those who seek merely the renown, and not their own
essence of being and finding out who they really are, instead of what they, or others would like them to think.

The changes of life ae the challenges to that essence -- to know under the many different situations and contexts, the person one really is -- and not just what they would like everybody to think, as though it could be so easily manipulated by creating legions of anonymous aliases on the Internet to pronounce one’s true identity as
King of Kings, that even God with all his power, is foolish not to fake and manipulate, in their smallness of thinking.