Saturday, December 06, 2008

Reinventing the Future

At times like this, when the old status quo is seriously in question, and no longer viable, a lot of old ideas revive as the new, rather than realizing the need for the new -- makes even more sense than ever, and that the present crisis is precisely the right time to implement it.

Why do you even need electric cars?

The ultimate clean, green machine is renewable human power -- and the state of the art in this is bicycling technology, infrastructure, lifestyle. That would be something world-class the people of the world would travel to Hawaii to see and enjoy. Instead, your leaders think the way to have a competitive advantage is to out-New York New York, Monte Carlo, Acapulco

In the mainland, we even have tanning booths to give one a far superior tan -- without the burn, and swimming pools are in most major apartment complexes. Every society has to take it to the next level -- and not just out-Zimbabwe Zimbabwe, Haiti, Sudan, and other pre-industrial societies.

Then Hawaii could be truly "paradise" and not just some slick advertising campaign that the world can't see at any theme restaurant in their own community. Instead of building the Disney world and keeping it in a resort area, manifest it in real, everyday reality. Appreciate what you have.

Even if one can’t bike personally, pedicabs make a lot of sense and would provide healthful employment to many -- over the well-known occupational hazards of driving fulltime, and every time.

The present economic crisis is precisely the problem caused by everyone attempting to keep up with the proverbial Joneses -- in buying a bigger house, car, achieving accounts to provide them the illusory lifetime security that they think money rather than ingenuity and resourcefulness is -- and so when that all disappears, are depressed with the realization that they have nothing because all that money they thought would simply “appreciate,” meets the world of daily reality and the simplicity of it.

One doesn’t need a car to get to the market; one just needs to get to the market.

The problems are that one never questions the assumptions about fulfilling basic human needs, and when one gets back to those basics, order and prosperity are restored in the world in the ways that really matter.