Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Biggest Winners

The best thing that happened in this past election was that the mass media fully exposed themselves and revealed and destroyed their own credibility — and everybody from left to right knows that pretty clearly, so it’s not like they’re going to be able to fool anybody anymore with their protestations about their objectivity and fairness. That is probably the greatest outcome from the 20th century culture of dominance and control by the mass media — that it ultimately destroys itself.

It just sets the table for the emergence of the new media being created as we manifest it. It’s preposterous to think and hope that the mass media is going to wake up and say, “Oh, we were mistaken and biased and we shouldn’t have been, and from now, we’re going to be honest and fair and so you can believe and trust us again — just this one more time.”

It’s like with any con(fidence)-artist. They prey on one’s trust and confidence — and when we are disabused of that hope and realize they are just setting us up for another betrayal, one is freed from those illusions and delusions. So be grateful and rejoice that we’ve already won — in the unexpected ways that is larger than what we think was worth fighting for and about.

Already you’ll notice that some of the more visible critics of President Bush are being pushed aside and stepped over by the Obama operatives who used the mass media personalities to get to the top, and once that “usefulness” has been played out, they lose their relevance and are cast aside.

In every community and forum, you already see the shrinkage of importance of these millions of Obama operatives realizing they had been played like the dupes they are and have nothing of relevance and interest once they have served their purpose and are cast aside and trampled — rather than being invited to dine at the banquet table of their puppet masters.

So enjoy the show for a while until it runs its course and is out of energy and ideas — which it feeds on from those of positive energy. Negative energy can only feed off of positive energy — it has no power unto itself.

Already, the Obama presidency is looking like the “Truman Show,” in which everybody else but the “star” knows that it is just a television (mass media) program.