Friday, January 16, 2009

A Grateful Nation

On 9/12/01, what do you think the odds were that there wouldn't be another American killed on the American homeland for the remaining duration of President Bush's term?

It was off the boards; nobody would believe that such a thing was possible. It was inconceivable given the rising unrestrained attacks by terrorists all over the world -- in planes, ships, railcars, workplaces, athletic competitions, shopping malls -- with no firm response and resolve to end it with finality.

That's the legacy of President George W. Bush.

After the world came to a complete halt and cessation of all activity, this economy and the world went on to recover to unprecedented levels of affluence and economic activity, as recorded by the Dow and other indicators -- and the perennial blamers, whiner and complainers now can only focus on blaming the President that we have fallen off from those all time highs as a lack of any achievement.

We truly hope every succeeding president can do as well.