Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where Do We Go From Here?

By now it is becoming apparent to the mainstream (mass) media that their fondest hopes have turned into their worst nightmare -- that after eight years of blaming, complaining, whining, and abusing -- they no longer have George W. Bush to kick around anymore, and they have to make it on their own merits. Many are realizing they have no merits except for blaming, complaining, whining and abusing -- with no other target in sight but their own recently coronated messiah.

It’s deja vu all over again -- as one so recently crowned the Kings of Kings, now begins to hear from the fickle crowd needing to fulfill their recently acquired taste for blood and humiliation -- “Crucify him, we know him not.”

These are the lessons played out through history and literature, yet amazingly, people always think it is different this time, and we no longer use and abuse people like they did a thousand or a hundred years ago, because we are so progressive, enlightened, liberal and democratic -- as though merely repeating the words, was enough to make it so.

After eight years of merely proclaiming another “Stupid,” as though it was some intelligent thing to do, thinking by that fashionable manner to display one’s own high intelligence and nothing need further be explained as long as one was riding the right bandwagon, it’s quite a shock to wake up the next morning and realize that one has nothing else to say -- and the whole syndicate is waiting for their instructions on whom next to target for blame, and the usual suspects are all gone.

So what does the restless crowd do to maintain their focus? The logical and rational answer would be to develop a positive vision of a well-functioning society -- of course, but that wasn’t in the curriculum. Only the endless mass protests against those really doing something positive and constructive. It’s quite a beautiful thing to see -- when those who have demanded so vigorously for the power and freedom to create that perfect vision that only they need know about -- have no organizing, sustainable vision but to retreat in utter confusion and anomie.

Meanwhile, the Republicans have earned their well-deserved rest in their thankless jobs of service to society and can feel justified that they have done what they said they were going to do -- and that is to ensure the safety and lives for the next generation to go on. George W. Bush was not the problem. He was the answer the manipulated masses were brainwashed into thinking was their only problem.