Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Misrepresenting Everyone Else

Of all the egregious common practices of political campaigns willing to do “anything” to win the right to represent everybody else, is the gross misrepresentation of everybody else -- so one can emerge as the “best” of the choices.

Lost in these struggles for the right and the vote to represent all, is that any individual can always represent themselves, and their own point of view, as the basic right of every citizen. He just does not have the right to vote as a representative of everybody else, or as a representative of the “majority,” which more often than not these days, is merely the wishes of one, or a powerful special interest group that effectively manages and manipulates the rest.

That’s what “democracy” has come to be in a mass media society -- where those most highly valued, have a regular, captive audience -- even of their own choosing, but more likely, habit. Independent thinking people are much less likely to be slavish audiences of mediocre talents that now run regularly on mass media programming.

Even brilliant people don’t have much new to say -- much less have to fill a two-hour time slot daily. Far better for a society, would be to see the many different viewpoints from their original creators, rather filtering all the diversity through a single self-proclaimed, “liberal and progressive” celebrity. In fact, just to put labels on oneself in that way, and self-censor one’s thinking to the political correctness pronouncements from “powers that think they are,” is already an indication of mediocrity of mind and awareness.

When I ran for public office, I was struck by the promise, that so and so promised to do certain things if they were elected -- implying that they would drop off the face of the earth if they weren’t elected, rather than continue on representing the rightfulness of their way of thinking. And that is just as important as winning these elections, and getting trapped in the bureaucracies and the will of the many.

That has always been the advantage of rare independent thinking people -- to think and represent another point of view, and not merely go along with the majority, or demagogic point of view -- which is for one person to force everybody else into their way of thinking -- as though they thought of it themselves.

That “demagoguery,” is the worst kind of “democracy,” and if nothing else that each citizen must do in their lifetime, is be aware and understand that difference -- between the reality, and what the manipulator (leader) would like us to think.