Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Thinking Person's Guide to the Presidential Election

Rather than hoping for Obama to provide miracles and unlimited federal funding for pork barrel projects, what intelligent and responsible people in Hawaii need to do now is have a constitutional convention and rewrite the rules for their own self-government, instead of waiting for other people to make money everywhere else, and then come to Hawaii where they can get ripped off by people who don't know anything else anymore.

Show and develop a little self-respect and belief in yourselves and own abilities. You can think for yourselves and run your own government. You don't need all the shucksters and shysters coming from all over the world attracted by only the MONEY and dreams of unlimited wealth exploiting the native population.

Don't blame Lingle or Bush. Some of Hawaii's finest moments came as a result of and after 9/11/01, producing many of its peak years.

But the problem with people raised on a welfare mentality is that they don't know how to handle "success," and turn it into a bigger failure, because instead of saving the surplus (capital), the government workers plunder it for themselves and their own raises -- and then are moaning, groaning and whining for unlimited more federal and tourist dollars, when times are tough and require resourcefulness, which they are discouraged from learning in government schools.

When a people don't have a REAL education, when things go wrong, instead of looking at what is happening and why, they merely look for somebody to blame -- thinking that's all they have to do, and all they can do, because they have no other skill.

And so the next demagogue who comes along promising he'll "Take care," and the people don't have to do anymore thinking for themselves, is the person the schools indoctrinate them to vote for.

Really, what Hawaii needs now is not MORE hopelessness and despair, MORE victimization and entitlement, but the frontier virtues of self-reliance.

That's WHY the western orientation of McCain-Palin is preferable to the model of eastern big-city machine politics.

Think about it, really think about it -- instead of having these big-city political machines tell you what you ought to think, repeat and chant mindlessly as their "political correctness."

Why should the people at the New York Times and Washington Post decide how you should live in Hawaii?