Saturday, October 18, 2008

NYC, DC, Chicago, LA and SF papers endorse Obama

All the more reason we need to elect John McCain president.

All these glittering generalities and lavish praise for his "high and lofty intellect" reminds me of the designation of William Faulkner's "The Sound and the Fury" as the greatest novel ever written.

Nobody can understand it, but it creates a lot of jobs for people to interpret and explain its profundity to everyone else.

That's what they don't like about George Bush, John McCain and Sarah Palin -- their ability to speak for themselves directly to the American public, instead of needing intermediaries to interpret their “high intellect” (intelligence) to the masses.

All the elitists of the world are banding together for their last stand -- against the leveling of the playing field for the next phase of democracy -- which is everybody thinking for themselves and making up their own minds, and not being told by the self-designated few who is “intelligent” and “correct,” and who is not. And that is the most revolutionary development of these times.

That's really the struggle of this election, the bigger story than which of two men becomes the highest representation of this country.

One is actually, and ironically, the agent of change, while the other talks about change, but really means to keep the old status quo -- of elitism. And that is what really upsets the status quo -- that people might actually want to run their own lives, and are capable of doing so, rather than continuing to be lifelong wards of the state (government), with “beloved” leaders directing their every “choice.”

Right now, there is great disruption in the markets as the change in values is recalibrated. Things that were recently skyrocketing beyond people’s abilities to afford them, are now falling at alarming speed betraying they were only recently so highly prized. Other things, by maintaining their relative values, are emerging as the next values societies will come to appreciate and treasure.

Foremost among them, is the freedom of not being trapped with inventories of falling values -- and thinking there are no choices, no options otherwise. And that is the true value of diversity -- that there are many ways of being, and not everyone forced into one unvarying, conforming mold of “political correctness” -- dictated by a few, from New York, DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco -- the old power centers of the 20th century, and their outdated hierarchies.