Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What People Like About Sarah Palin

Through all the confusion, hysteria and panic she has evoked on the left, what exactly is it about Sarah Palin that has produced such strong feelings for, as well as against her?

It’s the simple fact that she seems to be a vibrant, healthy, unassuming person -- unlike all the dysfunctional advocates of special interest programs who inevitably glom onto the mass media, as their most convenient medium of outreach to plant their messages. After a while, they even believe their own propaganda pieces as the actual truth -- and grow bolder with each fabrication until they are finally, invariably and inevitably challenged and revealed. Then everything unravels.

Such is the current turmoil that now seems to have been unleashed with just the unveiling of Sarah Palin as a visible public figure -- unlike the dysfunctional personalities that have become so prominent in the media because of those very obsessions. Eventually, not a normal, healthy person was to be seen commonly in the mass media, and those who were, were excoriated, for not being sensitive enough to the “needs” of all the fringe special interests and their promoters, who derive their compensation from the success of their publicity campaigns -- even and especially because they so distort to the realities of most people’s lives and concerns.

So then, to see a vibrantly healthy American woman for the first time ever on mass media, was such a sensation that rocked the establishment off its foundation, and they are still wandering around the halls of mainstream media wondering how they can put the genie back into the bottle -- that it never happened, and they would not have allowed it to happen on their watch, if it hadn’t been for the volatile nature of politics and John McCain, the maverick.

He had pulled under one of his legendary “fast ones,” a shocking practical joke on a somnolent and moribund press for which they were not ready for and had no defense against. Initially trampled, they are still reeling, and now recognize that denial is no longer an option, and there are people larger than the smallness of life the traditional media gatekeepers have allowed to be brought to the public’s consciousness.

People down deep, still long for the healthy, self-actualizing human being, over every special interest group’s personality of the day.

She’s not the poster child for the latest mass victimhood and entitlement program -- including those who just want to be rich and famous and it doesn’t matter what they have to do to get it.