Thursday, September 04, 2008

If You Only Vote Once In A Lifetime...

That vote should go to McCain-Palin, as the best choices one will ever make.

As those who were privileged to tune into the Republican National Convention last night, witnessed the greatest (political) speech ever delivered, and virtually assured that the US would have its first woman president in the foreseeable future -- not just because she is a woman, but because she is the most gifted person in that field -- of which the most astute could recognize, with many others seeing a true "breakthrough" for maybe the first time in their lives.

I think we are far beyond that age is which those we elect, we elect because they can be expected to do what we tell them -- or else, they won't be elected nor hired down at the union hall, and then they will have to sell the wife and children to put food on the table, because they have no discernible talents and abilities, except to go into "media." Instead, what voters should be looking for in the leaders they vote for, are those whose leadership capabilities far exceed their own to appreciate and assess at times -- because they can see the future and its consequences better than we can, and have earned that trust over a lifetime in every manner possible, and that's why we elect them to those positions -- and not because they are the most corruptible and beholden to the media and party machine that put them there.

That's what one recognized about the extraordinary parade of talent brought out at the Republican convention -- each qualified to be president in their own right -- while pointing out rightly, that the opposition, had in their mysterious fashion, offered to the American public again, the most underqualified and undermanned team that their machinations and ingratiations have ever produced -- because that's what was required for them to locate someone amongst them with as yet an unblemished record -- someone who had no record at all -- but was just the total fabrication of the status quo media to maintain their insistence that they could still get the American public to believe anything they wanted them to believe.

But what we saw with our own eyes and ears last night cannot be denied -- that we have seen the future of leadership in this country, and can trust in our own abilities to appreciate that fact -- despite all the protestations of the media hogs, that we should not believe our own lying eyes and ears, and that they will continue to do our thinking for us, for as long as they live.