Monday, March 11, 2013

The Will to Overcome

At some point in every life, they choose to give up -- which at times, can have even greater survival value than choosing to fight -- against insurmountable forces.  At times like that, one is wise to go with the flow, rather than face a certain obliteration.  It doesn't matter how great a swimmer one is -- in the face of a tsunami wave; one should just run as fast as one can to higher ground way beforehand.

So choosing when to fight, and when to flee, is a key survival skill -- as is assessing when to give up entirely, and then to battle on, when it can make a difference -- and not just being in vain, so that one eventually regards every undertaking, as futile and hopeless.  That is the utter despair of one's existence -- that one can make any difference at all, in anything one does -- anymore.

If one is young and obviously able, such desperate acts are often the test, that it really does matter what one does -- and life is not just a video arcade game of "virtual reality," that blurs into the rest of one's life and desires.  If one is of advanced years, we often dismiss that erosion of confidence and competence, "normal aging," which more than a few, are now starting to question, if there is anything "normal" about it -- or whether that is merely a carryover of the previous life that was notably "short, nasty and brutal," and the life we were conditioned for.

But when that life changes, many of the older, are not reconditioned to live in the new age -- in which all the young usually are -- unless they have these throwback "educators," who believe that what education was good for them, is also inviolably good for the newest generation -- and the new should be indoctrinated into the old, rather than the old into the new.  And that is the crux of the problem in every age and generation -- when the differences grow greater, as well as people living longer.

Many look like they shouldn't even be alive, yet they are -- but largely hidden from view because that is not what we want to recognize, as where most of our health care expenditures are producing.  It is much more costly, to keep the dying living, than it is to support the living, and their obvious will to live and overcome whatever obstacles stand in that actualization.  They have a life of their own -- that transcends every other life to support and control.  They are not simply dependent on all the others for their life -- but create it for the many others.

That is what is overlooked in the thinking that all must be equal -- no matter what, as the supreme principle of the universe -- to which every other consideration must be subservient to.  Some things matter more than others -- which the most observant, label as "significant," and of greater significance -- than everything merely being the same, or equal.

Unfortunately, in the government schools of political correctness -- that vital understanding, is lost and overridden, in favor of what the bureaucracy has determined we all must believe, repeat, and propagate -- as the business of citizens, to make all subservient to the will of those who determine that for everyone else. But that absolute and tight control, breaks down when change (of the information/understanding) is too rapid, for the controlling agencies to maintain a tight rein.  That happens when there is a massive sea change -- like a hundred tsunamis, when everything that was previously thought (taught) to be true, turns out to be false -- and even those formerly in control and supervisory positions, are swept away with those changes.

That's what we see happening now -- in the aging paradigm of these times.  Increasingly many, are not aging in the traditional pattern, but a distinctly different life form is emerging, and manifesting itself.  That is the story of the evolution of life -- even while the current reign of the dinosaur, seems absolute and eternal, but nothing lasts forever, even in the minds of men.  Shortly it is written, that it was always that way.

But it was just the challenge and triumph of its own time -- and that will change again.


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