Monday, March 04, 2013

Improving Means Changing

Many people who want things to improve, also want them to stay the same -- not realizing the contradiction.  Either things can change (get better or worse), or they can stay the same -- which is getting worse, or they would not have the desire for improvement -- because things would be perfect as they already are, and one would want to repeat it eternally.

George Orwell in his novel "1984" coined the perfect word for holding two mutually exclusive and contradictory thoughts at the same time -- as doublethink -- making any thinking actually impossible, and the negation of any other.  But people fall in love with their own self-image -- while expressing the desire to change and improve.  Those who always and easily change and improve, are getting better, while those who cannot change, must get worse -- because they are not responding to all the changes (information) in the present moment (environment) -- but only to their thoughts of a generalized, ideal moment that may never have existed, but has become indelibly fixed in their minds, of what reality is.

Thus they think that their actions and responses are entirely appropriate -- while everybody else around them, will wonder what alternate universe they are living in.  What they are responding to, is not apparent to anyone else going just by the obvious and visible -- to everyone and anyone else.  It is a world (reality) that exists only in one's thoughts -- of a world that never changes, grows and evolves -- and so is dying, because that which is not sensitive and constantly adjusting to its changing environment (reality), is for all practical purposes dead -- even before they are officially pronounced so.  They are dead to the world -- to the life and changes taking place all around them, even as much as they spend their lives trying shut out all that around them -- as though that was ever an intelligent thing to do.  Thus, life beats and batters them down -- in the familiar aging process..

But it doesn't have to be that way -- if one is sensitive and aware to all that is going on around them -- and within them, so one is the entirety of life itself, and not one perpetually at odds with it -- attempting to impose their will upon all the others.  That would obviously be a futile task -- and the negation of one's own, in thinking it is to suppress all the others.


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