Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The Future of Society and Well-Being

Fast forward to 2013 and the "new" old age. These people don't even "look" old.
Gym memberships are now $10 a month -- with no long term contracts. Exercise machines have been created to overcome every conceivable handicap, limitation or reservation. Everyone can do it their own way -- with what is comfortable and possible for them to do safely.

Probably the best overall body movement is the rowing machine -- without the fear/danger of drowning, or having to bear weight on overused and often problematical feet, ankles, knees, hips, back.

Walking or running is not the optimal activity or movement for every human being. That is the real strength of human diversity -- different people are good at different things, and together human society and progress is vastly more than the sum of the parts -- and not the "old" mass (media) model of one size fits all -- if we just force it hard enough.

That's really the direction society needs to move -- now that vastly more people will be reaching seniority, and the old aging paradigm is no longer and adequate response to the challenges of the future.

We don't need more health care -- as much as we need more truly healthy people, who are the own primary care-givers, because they really care about themselves first -- and not that that is whatever somebody else should be doing for them. That is the current crisis -- that is not sustainable or viable -- for the future of society and well-being.


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