Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Should Sunlight (Tanning Beds) Be Banned?

Do you people believe that all of life (plant and animal), evolved in the absence of sunlight -- or BECAUSE there is sunlight?

Some of these researchers would have us believe that the natural source of vitamin D throughout human evolution has been Vitamin D fortified milk.

These same researchers believe that all food comes on styrofoam trays wrapped in cellophane or they are not 100% safe to eat.

In the absence of (sun)light, plants can't grow, and millions of marijuana growers have proven, that they can produce a superior product (plant) with artificial light -- and actually eliminate some of the harmful range of light to produce a safer light -- than natural sunlight.

95% of the stimulus of the brain is light, and miners trapped and buried underground for days, have their health greatly impaired by the absence of light. What do you people think is natural light -- fire, compact fluorescent bulbs, LEDs, fission, fusion, sun/moonlight?

I do 5 minutes in the tanning booth a week during the winter time so as not to come down with Seasonal Affective Disorder -- because I know that works for me. Most other animals spend a whole lot more time soaking up the sun rays -- because unlike these so-called researchers, they don't have dermatologists to tell them not to -- or can't read what is best for them.

Just really think about it.


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