Saturday, October 13, 2012

Who Won the Debate?

The radical difference between the two visions of life in the future, can be summed up in the words, "enabling" and "empowering." The first is a dependent-codependent relationship (government) that enables one to get worse, and everyone else is required to "support" them in doing so, while the new vision for the future, and the only one that is viable and sustainable, is that people make "themselves" better -- and there are no restrictions and limits to doing so -- as their own primary caregivers -- and not demanding that unlimited care only from others, and the expectations that they must pay for whatever life they believe they are "entitled" to.

The first obviously requires coercion, achieved through deception and all the other manipulations Biden was employing to "control" the debate -- while Ryan merely presented his "alternative" view of why things weren't working and a new plan that does. Everybody should be aware that Social Security and Medicare have become victims of their own success -- allowing many more people to achieve longer (more) lives, but now what is needed, is a "qualitative" shift to better -- and not simply more -- at any cost, because surely, what is the point, if the only jobs available, are becoming caregivers for an expanding population that can be sustained in a persistent vegetative state indefinitely. There's just not enough (free) money to go around.

The two individuals represent and personify those differences -- one being the distinctly 20th century personality, while the new, is obviously the 21st century personality emerging, and becoming more visible as a true "alternative," rather than the meaningless alternative protests of the 20th century, hoping to be revived in the "Occupy" movements that are only a return to the old -- and not the new.  That's why these participants invariably seem confused as to why they are there, and what program and discipline they have, other than presenting their absurd demands that they should occupy society's prime real estate at no cost because they have defecated and urinated on it to establish their "territorial" rights to them.

Such people have no viable alternatives -- or they would be living them, and not merely protesting what everybody else ought to be doing, before first, and primarily, living in those realities.   That is the only thing that has ever made a difference.


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