Sunday, November 04, 2012

No Hope, No Change

Every year about this time, the talk in Hawaii centers around politics and football (UH) -- with virtually no hope that things can get any better -- and the politicians warning the citizens of Hawaii that things can only get worse, if the present course is abandoned -- and never the possibility, that things can get any better.

But in order for things to improve, they have to change -- and not stay as they are, continuing to get worse -- while spending more money convincing the people that they are actually getting better.  And the promise is that they'll get even better, even though they've only gotten worse -- but the people will not choose anything else.  They've come to love their misery and wailing, that life would be meaningless, if all that were to change -- and they'd have to adapt to a better life and world, and their "education" and conditioning, have convinced them, this is the best of all possible worlds -- and to dismiss that things could be any better.

Cynical politicians believe, that the people just want to be fooled -- all the time, and would only be upset, if things actually got better -- because then they would come to expect and demand it, and that's why they are in power (office), and should remain so all their lives.

The mass media and its fellow institutions, exist for the same reason of perpetuating the status quo -- with themselves at the top -- in perpetuity, and people who don't like that pecking order, are invited to leave the Islands and seek their paradise elsewhere.  That might have been the world two hundred years ago, but there are many attractive choices -- but people still have to exercise them, and not merely dismiss them in favor of the same old things that are not working -- as though staying with them, will reward them is some future paradise (heaven).

Unfortunately, many people will never exercise any other choice, but the one they were told to choose unvaryingly for the rest of their lives -- even if it punishes them in their lives, because the future holds more hope and change, the more it isn't actualized in the present -- or so they have been told to believe, and expect.

They can actually choose a better life in the here and now.  But that means choosing a course, they have never dared to think possible for themselves -- and finding out what lies on the other side of all the fears and threats they have been indoctrinated to believe are real -- because they've never been allowed to question them, and everybody around them, believes is not possible -- on threat of excommunication from that best of all possible worlds -- where they alone, are privileged to pay five times as much as their peers actually living the good life everywhere else.

One has to believe that another way is possible, and choose it, or things just remain the same -- getting worse as the normal experience of life they attribute to the natural consequence of merely getting older -- and not because they continue to make the wrong choices, time after time -- unfailingly.


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