Saturday, September 29, 2012

Your Health IS Your Wealth

No matter how much wealth one has, it means very little if one doesn't have the good health to enjoy it all -- other than paying a lot of other people to make them well -- which is not the solution, but the problem.  Ultimately, every individual is responsible for the greatest health they enjoy -- and not their medical care (health) insurance -- that is designed ideally for catastrophic bad health.

The other ideal, is never to need those services offered by others to "heal" oneself, but in the course of one's life, learns of one's uniquely own vulnerabilities, as well as strengths, that if developed fully, distinguishes them as one of the most remarkable persons of the times -- if not the defining personality of that age.  That sounds very grandiose, in an age in which people are indoctrinated to be like all the others -- as the mark of their achievement -- that they know as much as anybody else.  But implied in that, and unstated, is that one should not know what everybody else does not know -- which is the academic, or political correctness, by those who self-appoint themselves as guardians of what humankind must know -- usually for their own prominence and ascendancy over all the others.

That desire for prominence and dominance is a primal instinct beyond the impulse to serve all others first, and is often confused as serving everybody else, when it is obviously serving only their own -- which they feel is a selfless, nonprofit endeavor and organization, because their own cause, is above everyone else's -- exclusively.  So the challenge of civilization at any time, is to merge those two impulses into the whole, and not increasingly the partisan, or even, bipartisan points of view.  Two half-truths, will not make a greater whole truth -- but begins with people who are nonpartisan from the beginning, even though the glib will insist that man's very nature is to be partisan, rather than the whole of that society's consciousness.

This being whole, is the greatest marker of health -- that one is fully and totally developed and functioning optimally in every facet of one's existence, and not being limited and distorted by all one's various limitation, afflictions and disabilities.  In the matter of disabilities, we often come across those rare individuals who have managed to overcome them in developing even greater abilities to compensate for their vulnerabilities so as to make others unaware of their handicap, because they have turned it into an impressive advantage.

That is often the great motivation and inspiration for the development of great skill and abilities -- that one wanted to, above all else -- even if nobody else cared, or thought it was possible.  What is important, is that one thinks it is supremely important, and nothing could be more obviously true, in the observation of human appearances and behaviors.  There are populations that distinguish one by their ailments and disabilities, and other populations, that distinguish individuals by their proficiencies, even though they may be harder to categorize and identify -- because they may exceed an observer's abilities to judge those capacities with any competence.  Thus, it takes one, to know one.

Only an intelligence that presumes itself to be greater than all the others, can attempt to create a criteria for determining the intelligence of all the others -- which obviously, must place themselves at the top -- or they could not say with authority, that one is more intelligent than all the others.  But when an intelligence exceeds that of the observer, the observer then, is the observed.  That is always the supreme intelligence -- in anybody, and in all bodies.  That is total awareness.

Unfortunately, the whole thrust of contemporary society is to make one less aware, rather than more, because those partially aware, or only of their partisan view, are much more manipulable, manageable and easy to convince of what the promoters would want us to believe -- for their own agendas and self-promotion above all the others.  Thus every individual has to take it upon themselves, not to be the pawns in somebody else's games, have their lives defined by all the others but themselves, and wondering why they've ended up in such a horrible and futile existence and fate, that those they trust, tell them that is the only reality possible for everyone, as just another statistic that will predetermine their outcome.

So if one can see through all that -- as the self-fulfilling prophecies that don't have to be that way, it is quite conceivable to avoid the fate, others have predetermined for them -- and become the master of one's own existence, beginning with one's own health.  But it must be the attention at the very beginning, and not the end, when it is too late to make any difference -- but to be a cash-cow for others promising to make them well.


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