Monday, November 15, 2010

"Lock the Gates!"

There seems to be increasing awareness that in a society that rewards "seniority" over every other qualification and quality, that the impact of "aging" in that society will be much more severe than a more "balanced" one that Hawaii has come to eschew and vilify as a diabolical Republican scheme.

I'm sure the Democratic legislature will come up with a diabolical scheme (law) to keep the young people from fleeing in Hawaii's famous "brain drain" -- and force them to be perpetual caregivers for all who came before them, and are the "most entitled."

And then the next generation can also make that sacrifice for everybody else when their time comes.

Obviously to most, that is not a vision of a sustainable and meaningful society -- in which every generation "sacrifices" itself for the next, so nobody is ever actualized and fulfilled in living their own. That is the dysfunctional tradition of life in Hawaii -- sacrificing for the keiki (young), kupuna (old), and best of all, the old government workers -- who presumably "sacrificed" themselves by working for everybody else, and so now they are entitled to all the tax revenue in their retirement -- even if there is no money left over to actually run current government programs except to pay their escalating retirement benefits.

That's all government, and society, has become in Hawaii anymore.

"Lock the gates before anybody else can escape!"


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