Saturday, April 25, 2009

Some People Never Learn

Every year it is the same thing -- the people whining and complaining about the crooked and inept Democrats -- and saying they should withhold their votes in the next election.

But then, nobody is offering to run against the incumbent and they expect the Republican Party to offer them a choice, and when nobody does run, they don't think it is up to them to do something about it, but up to the Republican Party or somebody else to do something FOR them -- so that they can continue to do NOTHING but whine and complain about their "choices.".

The people of Hawaii still don't get "democracy." It's about running your own lives, and not about choosing somebody to do all your thinking for you, and then telling you what to do, and voting for that person to make it a "democracy."

Democracy is about assuming that responsibility -- and not merely demanding all one's rights and entitlements demagogues will promise them to get their vote -- and then get as much money as they can for themselves.

What do you expect? The schools seem to play a leading role in cultivating this “disconnect” of education from reality -- encouraging the notion that “right” means to go along with everybody else’s thinking, and it is “wrong” to do one’s own thinking and go against the crowd. And that is why political correctness has become the tyranny of these times -- when it not kings we must obey, but this tyranny of thought.

And though the newspapers and other media like to portray themselves as the overseeing Fourth Estate that determines “objectivity,” they are no more immune from the sway of the crowd than everybody else, who were biased by that same education -- of merely obeying authority, and never questioning it, and inquiring even beyond into how things could be done otherwise.

All that is “taught” is how to go along to get along -- and if it hasn’t been before, then it won’t be in the future, so don’t even think about it. But that is the importance of a real education -- and not just the indoctrination of the teachers and their union which is the core of the Democratic Party, because they want to believe they are “democratic” personalities rather than very authoritarian ones.

Thus, “democracy” has become this “authoritarianism” because it sounds nicer and more politically correct -- than calling it as it is. But nobody is allowed to question and consider otherwise -- because that would not be politically correct.

But you can whine and complain all you want -- as long as you do absolutely nothing else about it.