Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Over the Rainbow

Hey, it looks like some Hawaii people are starting to catch on.

Those liberal groups don't exist to eliminate the problems for which they're raising money for -- but to raise money exploiting the causes for which they're raising money for.

So getting rid of these problems is obviously not what they're going to do -- but to create/perpetuate as many of them as they possibly can.

Maybe there's hope for Hawaii after all. Nah, the newspapers are going to do as many "public service announcements" masquerading as news as ever. There's the editor carrying their banner for them right now. They're usually the first to be fooled -- by all those "extra lunches" their favorite lawmakers/lobbyists just happen to be delivering to them right now.

You wonder how the checks and balances can become so corrupted in Hawaii so that citizens are rallying in support of causes against their own best interests -- including the full-time bloggers who have dedicated their lives to spreading misinformation.

Of course far and away the all-time Hawaii favorite has been “doing it for the keiki,” as though that alone was enough to justify and rationalize the most egregious corruptions and distortions, as the cultural blackbox. If things don’t make sense to adults, as adults, then appealing to the emotionalism of their tortured childhoods of deprivation and depravation, is the surefire winner among a people who have never learned to think for themselves, and in fact, growing up in Hawaii, meant the highest devotion and trust to one’s superiors (elders). Such blind devotion was deliberately cultivated, and then ruthlessly exploited by at first the most ruthless of the politicians, and then, was fair game by everyone.

As such, real sentiments and authentic feelings about these universal rights, became special interest entitlements -- under the guise of being for the keiki -- even their own junkets to Disney World, so that they could relate that significance to their charges yet to discover the vast world they could only hope to experience vicariously through self-designated others, like themselves, and other media anointed celebrities.

That was the importance of the media in such a plan but they “botched” it and thought talent was totally unnecessary anymore --that all they had to do was fake it, bluster it, intimidate it, and nobody would look behind the curtain to see who was manipulating the vast machinery that projected such awesome powers and abilities to dictate and fulfill everyone’s fondest desires -- especially for that longing of that perfect childhood in paradise, everybody was “entitled” to.