Friday, May 09, 2014

Do We Have to Get Worse?

Most will get worse with age; a rare few will get better with age.

What we have to do is identify those rare few who get better -- and learn what they do, instead of just the average, or most, and exploit them -- because that is where the money is to be made.

That's where all the financial advisers, health care professionals, caregivers, con artists, lawyers will undoubtedly be -- hawking their services, and doing the thinking for everybody else, ie. the media and marketers.  That's also where all the money for research is going -- to exploit that situation -- while no money is going to finding out how to make people more competent, independent, self-reliant, and capable of making better DISCRIMINATIONS for themselves -- but instead being conditioned (brainwashed) to think that all discriminations should not/never be made -- which of course predictably results in dementias and dysfunctions -- as the only acceptable norms.

And that is what most of these articles do -- reaffirm that failing way of life -- and how to be a successful victim in that scenario, instead of breaking the mold and defining a viable and sustainable existence that has to be created as the meaning and purpose of every life.  Failing that,life perishes -- and not has to be financed at all costs, as the only thing we can do.


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