Monday, February 24, 2014

Aging in Any Place

Location, location, location.

One should spend one's entire life -- preparing for the next stage of it.  It's not a surprise that people become weaker -- so they have to do what makes them stronger, and more able -- and not handicap themselves thinking that whatever doesn't kill  them, will make them stronger.

That kind of conditioning obviously doesn't work -- and becomes apparent with time, no matter how strong their denial is.  Many of that ilk, will actually choose to live in houses with as many steps as possible, thinking that it will force them to climb stairs and thus keep them in excellent shape -- rather than the reality that it will just makes their lives painfully difficult/impossible.

So as they're living their lives, they're making these intelligent choices all along -- and not thinking that they'll wait until they're 65 or 70 -- when they're forced to.  They have to be preparing for every contingency -- including the worst, and not just hoping the best will materialize -- because they have no alternative plan.

That's not how the strong survive.  They're always positioning themselves for a competitive advantage -- choosing to live on flat ground -- rather than on the isolated, inaccessible heights, not inhabiting housing in which they have to go up/down stairs every time they want to use the bathroom, not having to maintain their vast acreage, fleet of cars, yachts, possessions.  

It is very difficult for those who have never begun their lives all over again -- if they've never done so before, and starting at 65 -- to do the right thing(s).  They have to be practicing all their lives -- to get better, and not simply continue to get worse -- which is how some people live and will end their lives.
Aging in place is not always the best choice.  It may be the reason for their aging.


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