Friday, January 31, 2014

The Republicans

The Republican Party is the party of alternatives.

There are not two monolithic ways of thinking -- but one party of the labor unions, schools of political correctness, entrenched status quo lifetime government workers (privilege), and their lapdog media -- and there is everybody else, which is the plurality of the "republic."

The so-called "democratic" party tells you what to chant as the party line walking down the street with their preprinted slogans -- "Hey, hey, ho, ho, (the conformist line of the day)" -- which the self-proclaimed liberals (progressives) fancy they thought of them all by themselves. But that is what they're indoctrinated to think by the schools -- and the media -- running interference for these self-appointed lifetime elites.

The people of the republic don't want that permanency off power -- but think that those positions of leadership and responsibility should be rotated among "all the people" -- as the alternative under which this country was founded upon.


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