Monday, May 23, 2011

Customizing One's Own Best Environment

A lot of recent legislation have focused on creating one exclusive environment for everyone -- administered and dictated by government bureaucrats, who ensure the conformity and the consensus, so that nothing else is possible.

It used to be done subtly, by generating public sentiment and will, but now it is done with the heavy hand of government -- to force everybody to accept a singular worldview as the only world view -- which a previous generation recognized as presumptuous and ethnocentric. But it has been revived under the guise of a pan-global worldview presumably even for the benefit of those animals who can't speak for themselves -- and so a few duly self-appointed guardians of the "public interest," take it upon themselves, to impose their own
better judgment, over that of everybody else less virtuous and all-knowing -- in proposing bans against what everybody should or shouldn't be doing, because they feel entitled to manipulate the rest, and that is what their certificates and accreditations imply/grant to their (trade) association exclusively.

And the proof of this, is that they can manipulate and mobilize an impressive number of people who have voted and designated such leaders to do all their thinking and talking for them -- and henceforth,
their leader, should now do the thinking and talking for everybody else as well -- even though many choose not to be represented and choose not to abrogate their rights to think and speak for themselves in this way. Instead, they are told, this is the way it will be in the future -- henceforth, and so they had better jump on the bandwagon early, lest they become one of the persecuted rather than the persecuting majority -- for they are certain, it is this might that makes them right.

These of course, are the proverbial
red flags in the life of every democratic society that has briefly existed before succumbing to these tyrannies of the conspiratorial and self-serving -- that become a right unto themselves. At that point, there is no turning back, and recovering Paradise Lost. It is the end of the world, as they knew it.

The other vision(s), is that every individual should be allowed to make their own best choices for themselves -- guided by the lifelong wisdom to know themselves better, as the unfailing truth to creating that best world each can best do for themselves. That is the seed and promise of a democratic society and republic we need to be mindful of as the overarching greater good.


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