Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Real Health Care Crisis

Obviously, health insurance is not the answer -- if an overwhelming 75% of those with medical bankruptcy, had medical insurance.

Health insurance leads to poorer health rather than better. That's what the recent large population sample protesting more government programs gave us an unusual look at. The crowd was largely a normally healthy looking people who take care of their own medical bills in realizing that health was their best insurance -- and not prepaid medical plans, as is usually displayed by the more typical public service union workers -- who are invariably overweight and out of shape to a much greater extent than the general population.

One of the greatest examples of this, is this paper's editor who is a 300+ lber with the muscle tone of a human jelly fish. That is the rule when people have the best medical insurance and think that it will ensure their health -- providing for their own health rather than abdicating to the health care system to provide that for them.

There's a deliberate distortion that those in poor condition with medical insurance, are subsidizing those in excellent health without medical insurance -- because they rightfully note that they seldom get sick enough to justify the insurance over actual costs. They assess that they cannot afford to be sick and so don't allow themselves to deteriorate to vulnerable susceptibilities -- and such people reward themselves with their own good health without having the need for excessive insurance as a fixed cost, and so it is really the case that they greatly subsidize the poor health of those who drain the health care resources by maintaining chronically poor condition, and even thinking they aren't getting their moneysworth if they don't consume more than their premiums.

A small percentage consume a disproportionate amount of those resources -- because they don't assume personal responsibility for optimizing their own health -- and unless one addresses health first, costs are infinite.