Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Living the Life You Really Want to Live

That’s what freedom is all about -- and for. In many places in the world, they haven’t gotten to that point yet -- at which people are allowed to make their own choices and live their own best lives. Instead, the community pastime, duty and obligation, is to tell others what their expectation for their behavior is.

That’s pretty much the life one eventually gets “used” to living in “paradise,” which is invariably not about freedom, but how each is expected to conform to maintain the perfection that has been unilaterally determined by the “king.” He may be an elected official, but he is just as likely to be the editor of the newspaper, or a self-designated tyrant of his own realm -- which is not a problem for the majority of those who live in the self-imposed isolation that mentality usually requires to maintain their delusions and autocracy.

However, a few are talented or unscrupulous enough to convince otherwise clear-thinking individuals they “must go along -- just this one time,” and then they can go back living a life of integrity, honesty and authenticity again. That is the corruptive power of tyranny -- that people learn to go along to get along -- and as long as everyone continues to stick together, everything will be "all right."

Later, at the tribunals of justice, everyone is exonerated for being excellent citizens because they simply followed orders -- while the person who supposedly dictated them, is long gone, leaving everybody else holding the bag, and having to deal with the consequences. That’s usually the price required to rise high in such hierarchies -- and any talent they might have one time had, has been destroyed by those corruptive influences and distortions they have had to perpetuate.

In a previous age in which it was possible to maintain the isolation from outside perspectives remarking that there are many other alternatives to the path taken by that one that is allowed as the only “right” one -- ever, it was an easier task to keep the captive native population disempowered, and occasionally venting their frustrations against inappropriate targets -- usually those who would otherwise be the most powerful and helpful to that healthy functioning society.

“They” become the enemies. They are the ones who should not be listened to . They are the ones who must be clearly “tagged” and isolated from the resident population. Eventually, all evidence of their existence must be destroyed.

That’s why there are “wars.” They are invariably waged by the “politically correct.”