Saturday, December 26, 2015

Everything You Do Matters

Everything you do matters -- is a better understanding of life than nothing we do matters.
Life is not a random phenomenon.  Good choices improve one's survival prospects -- and quality of life.  Those who consistently choose poorly, enhance their tendency to extinction.  That shouldn't take extraordinary genius to see.
That is simply the evolution of intelligent life.  "Shirt doesn't just happen."   Good things happen because intelligent life predisposes those outcomes.  Nothing is guaranteed, but one can always influence the probabilities through better, more thoughtful choices (lifestyle).
One makes a habit of a better life; that is what conditioning is about, and fitness.  One makes oneself fit for continued life.  That is true for all life -- and not just humans.  Hopefully one does not require a Ph.D. and "more funding" to understand that.
This understanding and insight, was the beginning of wisdom and enlightenment -- what the ancients called Karma, and modern scientists called "cause and effect."  Life is not random, and all human activity a random walk throughout one's existence.  That is prescientific understanding -- even if explained and justified by a Ph.D.
As such, timing is everything -- and not that one can ever time the markets and conditions -- as some experts are proud to proclaim, as though that was not the repudiation of everything worth knowing.  If one shows up when the movie is scheduled to be shown, one will learn what it was about.  At all other times, nothing will be going on -- and the lights will be off.  That is true for every human event -- including everything conducted with regularity and a reasonable expectation for a successful transaction and exchange.
It's not enough just to do one's own thing -- whenever one wants to -- and think there will be satisfaction in any outcome.  Perhaps the other person feels the same way also -- that they can just do whatever they want to, whenever they want to -- because it doesn't matter, one way or the other.
But assuredly, most things do matter -- even without more funding and research -- because people live their lives as though it does matter, and that's what makes a difference -- especially in one's own life.  And that is what is important -- and not what is happening in everybody else's life.
In that, there is no doing -- but only a supposed knowing -- of what everybody else is doing, as though that was reality, and not one's own experiences -- in the actuality, and the actualization.  And thus the experience of life is fragmented -- into what one is told is the truth and reality, and what one finds out for themselves what is truth and reality.
It is this finding out for oneself in one's own experiences, that reality is manifested, and validated.  It doesn't matter what the "average" is, or the generalization.  Only the individual and specific.  That is the world one lives.


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