Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Smoking versus Vaping

Undoubtedly and uncontroversially, the greatest cause of preventable death and disease is smoking, and the possibly of totally eradicating it because a much more attractive alternative exists, is a slam-dunk to any logical-thinking person.

We know for a fact that smoking will kill you -- just as most people who die in fires, die because of smoke inhalation first -- before they are burnt to death.

On the other hand, there is no proof that vaping kills anyone -- and is not only a replacement for smoking, but is factually and scientifically, the OPPOSITE of smoking -- as it moisturizes rather t
han dries out the lung tissue as a function of its main ingredients of glycerin and propylene glycol known for that effect in skin-, hair-, nail-moisturizing products.

Water vapor is not the same as smoke -- even though they kind of look alike. But that is an important distinction to discriminate -- rather than equate, as though they are the same thing, because if one can't, they will run into a burning building rather than away from it.

The more accurate metaphor for vaping is actually "inhalation therapy," rather than electronic cigarettes, which implies all the things that it isn't.

If their peers think that they are smarter for vaping rather than actually smoking (anything), there's nothing wrong with that -- because that will be borne out by any scientist who has any idea of what they are talking about -- instead of just fear- and ignorance mongering masquerading as the political correctness.

And even better that they can do it discreetly -- rather than polluting the air for everybody around them. Thanks for not smoking. You've saved the worlld and yourself!


At August 29, 2015 1:50 AM, Blogger CC Davis said...

As an occasional smoker out of habit and desire and a newer vaporizer user I will say that the benefits are tremendous. The only downside I have felt is a still diminished lung capacity... possibly not the right wording... every other sensation and ability returns, however wet lungs cannot fuel my body the same way dry lungs do. It is difficult to explain. The poisons are absent and what damage that is done is a lot like the shortness of breath from walking into a sauna for a moment and changing the ambient humidity from reasonable levels to unreasonable levels and then walking out. Temporary in as long as few days can be considered temporary. I can feel a cigarette's effects weeks later and I can feel a vaporizer's effects on my body's performance and responses to commands just days later before it becomes a one to one ratio.


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