Friday, November 13, 2015

Make the Best of Every Moment

Life is very fleeting, and nothing in it permanent, and so we need to take nothing for granted -- presuming it will be there the next day (moment).  The bargain one finds today, may not be there tomorrow.  But there'll be plenty of other opportunities -- as long as one doesn't take them for granted also.  In that way, one always fails to appreciate the present moment -- in favor of some other.  The present is never good enough; there is always some better time -- but never the present moment.

And so all the moments in that life are lost -- to some imaginary and fictional better time that is always elusive -- until one runs out of time and days, having lived that way.  That is the unfulfilled life.  Fulfillment for that person comes only in the next life, or in the next moment -- but never in the present, where reality is fulfilled.  It is different for every moment -- and that is the beauty and joy of it, giving every moment, every day, and every life its significance, meaning and purpose.

Nobody can do that for another.  Each person must discover that significance, meaning and purpose for their own lives -- as their own fulfillment, and failing that, is the failure of any life.


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