Wednesday, November 20, 2013

When Is the Right Time to Retire?

Most people don't choose retirement; retirement chooses them.  

If one is still employed at 70, by all means continue -- especially if that is what your employer wants.  But if it is only what YOU want -- and everybody else wants you out because you're dragging everybody else down -- with maximum sick leave, sabbaticals, work that has to be done over, undermining everybody else's efforts, then one has no business being there -- and it is to the benefit of everyone for you to cease "doing your own thing," there, rather than at home, on your own time.  That goes for everybody.

But the key metric, is how healthy one is -- and whether that can best be achieved in continuing employment, and/or devoting that time to more healthful activities.  That doesn't mean retiring to sit on one's front porch all day chain smoking -- before one gets taken to the nursing home to spend all the money they've accumulated over a lifetime so that somebody else can feed, bathe, turn and wipe them.  That's not a good financial planning or lifetime strategy all the President's men are envisioning as the future of America -- where people just get worse, and never better.

So the key question is, "What makes your life immeasurably better?" -- and not simply will one have enough money to pay for the final year or two of life -- as a human vegetable?  That is a totally meaningless consideration that all the financial and health care "experts" have fixated on -- as though that was the "be all and end all" of our days on earth.

Life is immeasurably more than just about money -- and accumulating more of it, so they have the $250,000 a year to prolong their lives in a non-functional state.  That is not the inevitable condition of human beings, "compassionate" liberals have deemed that stage of life, should be for everyone.

The challenge of every time and place, has been preparing the way for a healthier generation to be -- and not just to prepare everyone to be the caregivers for everyone else -- at prohibitively and accelerating high cost.  That's not a viable and sustainable future.

So what is?  Obviously, it is to create one's greatest health and actualization not possible before in the history and experience of the world -- by being it, and not just the richest person in the nursing home.  That is the challenge of our time.


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