Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Beginning of the End

I like to read the Hawaii newspapers not because of the information -- but because of the misinformation deliberately contrived, and the truth between the lines.

It is probably the same throughout journalism everywhere, but in Hawaii, things are close enough to home so that one actually might know the actual particulars of what went down -- because it is still a small-town culture that has never grown up. So we get a chance to see what would happen if things were just to progress infinitely, without any concern for its consequences, as though life was occurring in a test tube.

They pride themselves on that “geographic isolation,” which is nothing more than isolationism , or the belief that what happens and is universal anywhere else, cannot happen here, because this is “Paradise,” and therefore, all the rules, truths and wisdom proven everywhere else, over millions of years of evolution and civilization, cannot happen here, and our lawmakers and lobbyists (those who work for the lawmakers), think that is the major work of society (government) -- to manufacture belief and perceptions, that nothing that a person witnesses for themselves, is to be believed.

The “truth” is only what some properly designated authority, tells them is so, through the newspapers and other media, which in the old days, could be controlled effectively to provide all the information one was allowed to see. And then there came the Information Revolution and all its technologies and information processors -- and the world will never be the same, small pond it has been for ages, with the only game in town, being a big fish in a little pond -- that is now rapidly shrinking.

A shrinking pond is first seen as an unlimited advantage to the predators who see all of life funneling through the narrow gates they control -- but if the situation persists, even the top predator, will succumb and be baked into the dust that was once flowing with life. That life may return, but not before life as we know it, has vanished completely -- and then life springs anew.

Those familiar with the pattern, recognize that too much of a good thing in Hawaii produces its inevitable downfall, because people have not learned to handle success -- but are inflamed with greed until all those who no longer wished to be living under the dictatorship of the petty, flee to greater opportunities that favor themselves, as well as everyone else more equitably.

The obvious signs of this is the concentration and consolidation of power in a few, who invariably call themselves “Democrats,” while aggrandizing their own positions. The first people they buy up, are the information professionals -- and so it is no accident to see the extravagant and lavish praise of the mayor (king) as the only perspective one will see anymore.

The newspapers (media) has all but killed itself by becoming pretty exclusively propaganda machines for the right (correct and only) perspective, suppressing every other viewpoint to maintain their death grip on control -- until the end, with no recovery possible.