Saturday, November 17, 2007

What Really Matters

The important distinction to make in people is not whether they are biased left (liberal) or right (conservative), but whether they are biased at all -- as a source of information, as well as intelligence and insight. That is the quality that the best thinkers and information processors are first determining, before they allow any further information through.

Yet, for quite some time, the newspapers (editors) have placed great importance on how one is biased -- rather than that one is biased or not -- and only quote liberally, those who are the most biased (partisan), rather than those who are the most unbiased, who are actually suppressed (silenced) so that people think the only thing possible is to be either biased or more biased, and the more biased one is, the greater the chances of being quoted and becoming recognized as an “authority” on any matter, which of course, is one’s willingness to distort the truth, to obtain only their desired ambition of outcome, no matter what the truth really is.

But that undermines and destroys credibility, trust and integrity in a society, and rewards those who are the most deceptive and manipulative. And that is why, most critical readers of the Internet, or any other media, look first to determine the credibility of the speaker (source), whether there is bias in any of their perceptions as the quality that implies the trustworthiness of any reports they receive -- and not simply whether what they hear confirms (conforms) with their narrow, partisan and prejudiced view of the world.

It doesn’t matter how liberal (or conservative) a person is; what matters is how prejudiced, biased and bigoted a person is -- in determining those one wishes to rely on for information and further contact. Otherwise, there are these pools in which everybody thinks alike but there is nobody in that crowd one would wish to get to know and associate with further -- although you might eat their “free lunch” before realizing that it was not free but given with the expectations that you “owe” them forevermore.

In this manner, one quickly crosses the line and loses the ability to make such valid distinctions -- and then proclaims, one should not be able to make any distinctions (discriminations) at all -- as though that was some kind of badge of honor and merit of high distinction, instead of one who has become so corrupted, they don’t want to know such differences anymore. Unfortunately, one sees too many people like that -- particularly working in jobs as bureaucrats, enforcing the code of behavior and ethics for everybody else in society. Eventually, all they are concerned about, is their own benefits rather than the greater society’s they originally convinced themselves they got into because “they were selfless and loved mankind (the keiki, the kupuna, the whales, the trees, etc.,” even if it means eliminating all mankind in the process.

Thus convinced, one comes to regard everything one believes as the only true, right and “politically correct” way -- and all others should be “eliminated,” or just put in their place, out of sight so their voices cannot be heard. From there, it is an easy matter to support all the other dictators and tyrants in the world, sending messages of “Aloha,” and “Right on,” to all the other “valiant defenders” of that status quo.