Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The "Problem" of Education

The major problem of contemporary education is this thinking that “education” is about classrooms and higher teacher pay and benefits (government employment) -- rather than it is about a culture of self-improvement -- anywhere, anytime, by anyone, from everything.

There are plenty of buildings unused or underutilized most of the time -- often for the exclusive purposes of learning (or anything else) -- for a few hours a day, that would make fine uses for other purposes also.

The homeless should be encouraged to homestead those areas, instead of prime recreational beachfront property , and maintain and improve them and provide security in exchange. They might also attend classes to improve their job skills.

So this compartmentalization of thinking is what creates scarcity in a world of unprecedented safety, security and prosperity -- despite what the demagogues of the world would like people to believe -- the the world was never in such dismal shape. And this is because of the problem of education and propaganda (advertising) -- that what people think of the world, is very different than it actually is.

Ignorance is not about leaky classrooms or low teacher pay as it is the requirement that people need teachers in order for them to learn -- and continue learning all their lives, as though learning is dependent on the teacher, schools and universities, and not the student. The good student learns from everything and everybody -- and not just the self-designated few, who may not have any idea of what they are talking about, but that is what everybody with that education thinks because they haven’t even begun to ask the right questions. In fact, what they have learned in schools is not to question the “right” authorities (status quo), and to mark down the “correct” answers rather than inquiring into the unknown, which is really what needs to be known.

That’s what real students do -- rather than repeating what they have been taught -- as though that was the ultimate test of intelligence, rather than stupidity, gullibility, and political self-aggrandizement.